10 Super Simple Exercises To Tighten Loose Arms & Shed Fat

It’s summertime.You have put away all those long-sleeved clothes and show off your toned arms. What if you don’t have toned arms ? Well don’t worry –you can still get rid of those “bingo wings,” as people call them, thanks to this 10 easy arm exercises :

1. Push-up


The push-up improve your posture , help with chest and abs and tones your arms .You can do the easier version of this exercise by doing only the arm movement .

2. Push-up and side plank


This is recommended by Jeanette Jenkins on the Huffington Post.It allows you to focus on your arms rather than your abs or chest. In between each push-up – or each set of push-ups – rotate your body outward, holding yourself up with one arm while reaching upward with the other. Then return to your starting position.

3. Triceps dip


This should be done outdoors, in between running sprees by using your arms as your support.Just lower yourself downward with your legs stretched out in front of you, then pull yourself back up – without moving your legs.

4. Bent over row


This involves pulling weights upward from a bent over position. Keep your back straight,because curved back could harm your spine during such exercises.

5. Triceps extension


Best Health recommends to hold a weight behind you, pull it up by stretching out your arms above your head.

6. Triceps kickback


First hold weights close to your chest with your arms bent, then stretch them backward in a swift, controlled motion.

7. Upside-down “namaste”


You need to attempt to put your hands together behind your head. If you can, have your palms touch completely. Try to bring your joined hands further downward behind your head .

8. Arm rotation


This is the easiest -just stretch your arms out at your sides and rotate them in small circles. It’s great for your back too.

9. Scissors


Stretched out your arms and then bring them together, with one arm over the other, then the other way around.
You can use weights for this or do it empty-handed.

10. Cobra pose


Yoga poses are excellent for strengthening your muscles .This involves holding most of your body up so stretch before doing this pose and breathe throughout.

Via: wl.remedydaily.com

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