10 Tips for a better weight loss


1.A low-carb diet is the best.

To lose weight you should start by avoiding sugar and starch (like bread), but u can eat rice !!
Low carb diets makes u to eat less whereas sugar and starch increase your hunger.

2.Don’t be afraid to eat.

Remouve all the carbs when you starting a low carb diet is not good.
First reduce time by time your carbs and add more vegetebles like green beans.
You have full access to fruits when u want to eat between meals.

3.Eat natural food

You must meat natural food like meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, butter, olive oil, rice,nuts who have not be modify, like our ancestor.
They was less sick than us.
It don’t have “special lows carbs” products, they have bad substances and more sugar.
Don’t forget “Quality over Quantity” 😉

4.Be persistent and don’t be afraid to failed.

Put u one goal an mark it on a paper and sitck it on your wall : IN THREE WEEKS I WILL LOSE 6 KILOS.
Measure your weight every 3 days and adapt your diet.

5.Alchol with moderation

Avoid alcohol , espacially beer and strong one like vodka, that makes you have more belly.
But one beer in a week or one glass or wine per week will not get u fat.

6.Don’t take artificial sweeteners

Replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners will not reduce your calorie intake and cause weight loss.
According to scientific studies, artificial sweeteners can increase appetite and maintain cravings for sweet food.

7.Pay attention to medication

Pay attentions to pills or syrup agaisnt the cough , studies show that they contains a lots of sugar and bad sutances.
They can makes you more sick, if you melt it with something else

8.Sleep good and stress less

Women needs 8 hours of sleep, mens a bit less.
It’s important to permit the cells to regenerate.
Be positive in every circumstances, take time to relax yourself and drink tea ( you can put honey).

9.The FAST

It helps your body to regererate , you have plenty ways to fast.
The best is to do it 2 days in a week , when you drink tea and eat fruit all the days.

10.Do exercices.

To burn calories you need to MOVE.
You can running, dance, do home exercise like jump rope , planks , squats…

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