18 tricks and tips to look younger

You fear that the years are starting to show on your face? You are not the only one. There are thousands of women standing in front of the mirror every day thinking how aging is reflected in their full beauty and appearance. But instead of helpless surrender to the natural aging process, actively strive to minimize the signs that issued the number of your birthdays.

Use your wisdom and top up with these tips and tricks to keep your age a secret and always getting comments that you look nurtured and youthful:

1) Use pink and cream lacquer polish. The coloration of nails with a semi-transparent, pink or cream lacquer distract from the senile stains that appear on the skin of the hands.

2) Nurture short nails. Long fingernails emphasize the presence of the protruding veins in the arms or prominent bones of the fingers. It is best to keep the length of the nails of about 3-5 mm.

3) Keep firmness and elasticity of the skin on the hands. While cleaning with strong assets, use gloves to prevent excessive drying of the skin on the hands. Before going to bed and whenever you have the opportunity during the day, nourish your hands with the moisturizer with glycerin and butter to restore a youthful appearance.

4) Increase the whiteness of teeth. White teeth will encourage you more to smile, and surveys show that people perceive as younger the smiling faces. Once a week make a paste of one teaspoon of baking soda and a few drops of 3% hydrogen and brush your teeth for one minute. The effect is noticeable.

5) Prevent the appearance of cracked lips. Regular use lip balm to eliminate the appearance of “wrinkles” on the lips. At least twice a week makes a peeling for yourself sugar and honey and rubs them gently on the lips to soften and remove the coarse layer. And most importantly, eradicated the habit of licking your lips.

6) Take care of facial hairs. Older women, especially those who are postmenopausal may notice that on their face have appeared hairs above the lips and chin that did not exist previously.

7) Ban the use of the dark matte lipsticks. Dark lipsticks make lips look thinner and matte finish, even more, complements the effect. If you want to look younger, use cooler colors of lipstick, like pink, and use glow. Glitter will make your lips look complete. If you are not a fan of lip gloss, use a creamy lipstick with a satin finish.

8) Forget the overlong hair. Overlong hair just “come of age” your appearance. The best is the length of hair to be somewhere to the shoulders. Haircut in layers because they give the hair volume and playfulness.

9) Rejuvenate with bangs. Haircut bangs are the fastest way to cover up the wrinkles on the forehead and are still attractive because they draw attention to the eyes.

10) Take care of the skin on the neck as you take care for the face. Older women often look like 40-year-old over the chin, and 60-year underneath. Why? Because focusing on the care of the skin, they are forgetting the neck. Remember that the neck is not your friend, because it issues the years. Therefore, when applied to the face cream with SPF or anti-aging cream, apply it also on the neck.

11) Use a moisturizer with SPF, even in winter. In our area, people are heading for creams with SPF in supermarkets only before leaving on summer vacation. The truth is that daily skin needs to be protected from the sun. It’s the easiest and safest way to prevent the signs of aging, including the appearance of wrinkles. Use cream or SVC products with SPF 15 to 30. Apply it 20 minutes before leaving the house or use only in summer but also during the winter months.

12) Fight against wrinkles with cream by retinol. Retinol reduces the visibility of small wrinkles and stimulates collagen production, which makes skin more elastic and smooth.

13) Create the illusion of complete cheeks. Create the illusion of complete images. Over the years, cheeks of most women become more hollow and it leaves the impression of a tired face. To create the illusion of fill cheeks, apply blush on the cheeks, not below them as they do for contouring the face. Never put blush in the dark hollows of the cheeks.

14) Achieve a natural look of the powdered face with warm hands. After applying the powder, bring your palms together and rub them quickly a few times to warm up. Then, place them on the face for about 5 seconds. The heat will help the powder to better attributed to the skin and in this manner, the layer powder will not be so obvious.

15) Change the color palette of makeup. Are you in love with dark brown and bright cream eyeshadow or blush in bronze? Maybe you should think about a change. The blush in pink and peach color or apricot will give you much more fresh and youthful look than bronze blush. Dark brown and pastel eyeshadow change it with warmer shades that will give life to your eyes.

16) Highlight the shape of the eyes. With aging the eyelids are starting to get heavier and are starting to close the eyes. To minimize it, use mascara and eyeliner to outline the contours of the eyes.

17) Outline your eyebrows. With age, the eyebrows become less common, and in some cases whiter. Use a pencil to outline the eyebrows or eye shadow to restore density and strong color.


18) Wear shirts with “V” neckline expression. When you’re shopping, skip the shirts that have curved semicircular expression of neckline because they emphasize floppy breasts. Instead, select blouses with “V” neckline.


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