3 types of face: Small changes that reveal what happens to your body

The face is the first indicator of changes that reveals what happens in your body, but also can indicate the bad habits. If you noticed that your skin is lifeless or that on your face have arisen acne, it is time for a change. In addition, read about the 3 types of troublesome face who disclose certain health issues.

1. “Winter” face



You are always tired
Facial skin looks relaxed
You wake up in the morning pale with highlighted circles


Too little movement
Poor circulation, dry air


Twice a week make a detailed facial scrub that will remove dead skin cells. Regularly use a moisturizing cream.

When you apply the cream, put a thicker layer and with your fingers gently massage your face with circular movements. Repeat the procedure as well in the neck, especially the section under the chin.

Enter nutritional foods rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C.

2. “Sweet” face



You wake up bloated
The pores of your skin are highlighted
Your skin looks lifeless
You have acne
Your face is constantly fatty


Drinking large amounts of alcohol
A diet rich in sugar and fats


Sugar is the worst enemy of your skin and because of that, you should eject it from the diet or minimize it.

On the daily menu, eject the alcoholic beverages (at least while your tan doesn’t repair).

Consume green tea which acts as a “cleaner” of the body of toxins, which positively affect on the look of your face.

3. “fat” face:



The face and eyes repeatedly look swollen
The part under the chin is emphasized more
Tight rosy cheeks


Overeating that causes bloating
Drinking too little water
Fatty and sugary, unhealthy foods


Drink plenty of water in which you can add a few teaspoons of lemon or cucumber.

Discard the over salty and fatty foods from the diet.

Consume cooked foods that are easy to digest.


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