6 sexy and interesting facts about calories

The weakening and calories go hand in hand. The weakening of the calories goes hand in hand. Anyone who tried to weaken collided with the term calorie, whether it comes to calories ingested through food or calories burned by physical
In addition, we present a few interesting facts about calories that will unravel the truth behind some popular myths and will prove that the burning of calories can be sexy and fun.

1) 1 minute kissing = 2 calories burned
Love and passion can help to increase the number of calories burned. Passionate kissing beside of returning the smile on your face and fill you with pleasant emotions may facilitate weight loss.”You can burn 2 calories per minute during the real passionate kiss” – argues Professor Bryant Stamford.One session of 15 minutes kissing will “spend” you 30 calories.

2) Give 30-minute massage and burn more than 40 calories
It is really pleasant to relax and get a relaxing massage from your partner. But when you give massage as a gift, other than the smiling face of the beloved, let it stimulates the fact that you burn a part of your dessert. For half an hour massage you can burn more than 40 calories. Instead of sitting while showing off your massage skills, stand and burn extra calories.

3) 30 minutes of sex = 150 calories burned
Did You miss pm aerobics? Compensated with a hot game between the sheets. As the better the sex is, the more calories burned. It is estimated that half hour sex can burn about 150 calories. The more changed positions, the complete training for the body. Select a position where you’re above and move up and down and burn up to 200 calories in half an hour, and at the same you practice the most problematic parts – thighs and buttocks.

4) There is no food with “negative” calories
“Foods with negative calorie” is a concept that should not be taken for granted and is based on the claim that there are foods whose digestion the body consumes more calories than are contained therein. The list of negative calorie foods you can often find celery, asparagus, grapefruit and cabbage. Experts advise forgetting this idea.
“Although chewing celery might seem like wipe out activity, it burns almost as many calories as watching the grass growing” – states Dr. Nancy Snajderman.

5)Fitness apparatus manipulate the burned calories
While exercising on fitness apparatus, most people concentrate on the figure on the screen, which shows the number of burned calories. Exercise for half an hour and the number of burned calories seem too optimistic to be real? Then most
likely that is not the case. Studies have shown that fitness apparatus show an average of 20% more calories
burned. The stationary bikes are most accurate and inaccurate information about the number of burned calories provide the elliptic bikes. The number of burned calories during exercise depends on many factors such as weight, age, body structure, musculature etc. So, if you want to calculate approximately how many calories you “fused”, reduce the indicated number of machine with 20%.

6) Winter helps us burn more calories
You can immediately say: “It isn’t true, in winter I always gain weight.” The truth is that most people have elevated their weight in winter, but only because they become inactive. During the cold winter days, the metabolism speeds up to warm the body, and that translates to more calories burned per day. Stay active and will not have a problem with the line nor in winter. On the contrary, the cold will facilitate the achievement of the attractive figure. What exactly is a calorie? One calorie (symbol: cal) is approximately the energy required to increase the temperature of 1 gram of water for 1 ° C. But since it is the too small unit for representing the calories in nutritious and generally on a daily basis almost always used unit kilocalories (symbol: kcal). Well, the term calorie is actually used to refer to kilocalories.


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