7 types of foods that adversely affect your digestive system

We want to eat and simply adore food. And in any form and taste. We ate everything from vegetables to fast food and thoroughly enjoyed it. But no matter how delicious our food is when we eat it, in the very next moment, our stomach tells a different story. Cramping, pain, bloating and other things are just a small part of the consequences of our passion.

And if you don’t know which food should be mostly avoided, then the following few things will give you a pretty good idea.


1. Fried foods

When something contains so much fat, then you definitely need to unsubscribe it from the daily diet. Heavy sauces, roasted meat, and creamy desserts are among the worst when it comes to the digestive system. They are difficult to digest in the body and can cause diarrhea. Instead, eat boiled or roasted meat combined with vegetables.

2. Citron

The high level of fiber in citrus and fruits that belong to this group can cause abdominal pain in some people. While one fruit wouldn’t do problems, eating more than one could. If you feel heartburn and nausea, try to eat a maximum of one grapefruit or orange a day.


3. Artificial sugar

Rare are the people who did not chew gum, right? Beautiful and delicious, but the artificial sugar that contains in large quantities not only is it very unhealthy but, can make you big problems with digestion. Cramps and diarrhea are very common occurrences when you enter artificial sugar in the body.

4. Too much fiber

Everything that is excessive is not good, so the same goes for those types of foods that fall into a healthy diet. Although they are good for eating, cereals and vegetables are not recommended in large quantities.


5. Beans

If you eat beans, then immediately you know what it is about. Although the grains of beans are full of fiber and protein that are healthy for the body, they contain sugars that are hard to digest. As a consequence, the body is faced with cramps and gas. To reduce these effects can help if you let the beans soaked in water for several hours before brewing.

6. Cabbage and broccoli

It is a really healthy food that is recommended to eat, but just like beans she contains sugars that are hard to digest. Common occurrence is also the gasses that are creating as a result of hairs found in large quantities. Tip: Eat the cabbage and broccoli boiled instead of fresh.


7. Spicy and hot food

No matter how palatable the food is after you spice it nicely with various spices, hot or mild, the fact is that they are not exactly healthy for the body. In addition, spicy and hot food is difficult to digest and can lead to tingling heart.

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