A Month After Consuming Two Bananas A Day: The Effect Will Leave You Breathless!

The majority of us nowadays ‘do not have the time’ to consume healthy and therefore opt for junk food rather for healthy one, while the surveys rank fruits and veggies really low on the scale choice of food!

According to the scientists and nutritionists, it is not clear why the majority of people in the West prefer such food to so good, incredible, beneficial, and above all, natural ingredients. The latter ingredients can supply us with all the materials we require to take in so that our body functions properly.

Let’s take bananas as a instance. This fruit is the preferred food of monkeys, and it is not unexpected, because besides the fact that it tastes fantastic, it is also extremely nutritious and it is a real treasure.

According to nutritional experts, if you consume two bananas a day for a month, your health condition is going to become substantially improved.

Here is how and why:

— The quantity of sodium in bananas is quite low, and the amount of potassium is high, so this makes this fruit terrific for high blood pressure and heart health regulation. Scientists have found that by consuming bananas every day, you decrease the danger of heart attack as much as 40 percent.

— Banana is great for people who have troubles with the digestive system, like irregularity for instance. Bananas are abundant in fiber and that is why they are excellent for fast resolving of your issues with the intestinal tracts.

— Whenever you feel weak or wearing, have a banana, as it will provide you with the much-needed energy. Additionally, bananas are a terrific option for a snack, especially before exercising, so all professional athletes should frequently have bananas in their bag

— Bananas can help you when you experience heartburn, as they are a good source of antacid and can manage this unpleasant condition

— In case your body does not have iron, bananas are an exceptional alternative. Bananas contain compounds that set off the production of red cell and hemoglobin and substantially aid anemic people

— Bananas help when it comes to aching throat and coughs

— Bananas are plentiful in tryptophan, a substance which is really essential for our body, as the body uses this substance to turn it into serotonin, the hormonal agent of happiness. So, next time you feel bad or depressed, bring the bananas

— Scientists have actually discovered that students who take in a banana for breakfast, snack, or after lunch have a considerably greater level of concentration. This is due to the high presence of potassium in bananas, which sets off the brain and helps in knowing and memory

— Pregnant women ought to particularly take care of their nutrition, and must know that bananas are terrific option for them, because they are healthy, tasty food which will reduce the burden that influences the most pregnant women. Also, bananas alleviate the morning illness, due to that they increase the levels of sugar in the blood.

Via: holisticlivingtips.com

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