Do you throw the banana peel too? – After this you would never do that!

People usually throw the banana peel, but it is really good for health. In some countries, such as India, the banana peel has been used as food for decades. We reveal a few tricks that you can use.
1. Polishing shoes. Rub them with the inside of the peel, and then wipe with a soft towel.
2. Softening of the meat. Add a ripe banana peel while you roast it to remain soft and juicy.
3. Feed the roses. The peek is rich in calcium and magnesium which is as good as food for plants. Leave peel beside the root.
4. Mitigated the redness and itching. Rub the inside of the peel on the place where you’ve been bitten by an insect or have dried skin. It will reduce redness and alleviate itching.
5. Glittery flowers. Wipe the leaves of the flowers with the inside of the peel.
6. Polishing silver. Mixed a banana peel with water and place the mixture on a soft towel. Polish the silver with it.
7. Chase away all plant lice. Place banana peel in your garden or vegetable garden to chase away unwanted pests.
8. Polishing leather. Rub the leather furniture or leather pieces of clothes with the inside of a banana and then wipe it with a soft towel.
9. whitened your teeth. Scrub it the teeth with the inside of the peel about 2 minutes to each wash. Manganese, magnesium and potassium have a good effect on whitening the teeth.
10. Bruises and scratches. When rubbing the wounds, the peel of potassium helps the healing process.
11. Remove the nipples. Place a piece of banana peel on the place where you have nipple and secure it with a sticky tape. Leave it for the night. Potassium will remove the nipple and prevent re-erupted.
12. Easily remove the thorn. Place a piece of peel and secure it with a sticky tape where you a thorn. Natural enzymes will facilitate the removal.
13. Enhance the water for watering plants. Place banana peel in a bowl with water and let it stand like this. When you want to watered the flowers, mix the water with the ordinary, within scale 1: 5th.
14. Treat the acne. Scrub the inside of the peel at the places where you have pimples about 10 minutes. The remains leave it longer on the face. It would be best to wash before going to bed. Repeat the procedure every day until your face is clean.

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