Forget these methods of cleaning the face, because they only damage the skin

Many of us think that about cleaning the face there is not much philosophy: we only have to find the product that suits us or generally stick to water and a mild soap, and that’s it. However, as we take care of how we put our makeup and we pay attention that our eyebrows are perfectly shaped, eyeliner applied in perfect angle and lips perfectly drawn, we also need to be concerned about how all of this at the end of the day, we will erase from our face and will give the necessary care.


1. Cleaning of the face is a two-step process

Using lotion for facial cleanser is not enough. Always, first erase the entire makeup, and then use preparation for cleaning. Otherwise, it is likely excess makeup still remain on your face, especially around the nose and around the eyes. To erase the makeup can use glove, cream, special wipes to remove makeup or as the most desired, with warm water and soap.

2. Too frequent cleaning dries the skin

With a desire our face to be perfectly clean to avoid the appearance of pimples, we often overdo it and to cleanse our face several times a day. Make sure for your skin type: if the skin on your face is oily, it’s okay to cleanse your face morning and evening, but if it is dry and sensitive enough to clean once a day, and it is best at night.

3. Skip the opening and closing of the pores

This is a classic myth. Dermatologists emphasize that pores do not open and close, so feel free to skip washing with hot water (to open pores), then very cold (to close). In this way you are doing a stress on the skin and because that can lead to dryness and redness.

4. Choose a tool according to your skin type

We usually think that when we buy cleaner for the face the most important thing is to choose one that suits our skin type. This is true, but more important is to check its ingredients as well. For example, it wouldn’t match on the face a tool that contains too strong smell, because it can irritate the skin.


5. Avoid peeling of softness

Peeling may be too aggressive for your face. Instead, it is better to use preparations containing salicin or glycolic acids that are milder and gentler on your skin.

6. Do not use too strong tonics

Face tonic is applied after cleansing on the face to remove the last trace of dirt. However, they tend to be too aggressive for the skin, as they often contain alcohol. Therefore, check the list of ingredients and you must choose some that don’t contain alcohol.

7. Do not waste too much money

Unfortunately or fortunately, expensive preparations do not always guarantee quality that you need. Everything depends on what it suits your skin. Therefore, when buying product for cleansing the face, make sure it really suits you (you should consult a dermatologist), then view the price.


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