How Eating a High Fat Diet Can Starve Cancer

One of the difficult things about science-based medicine is determining what is and isn’t quackery. While it is quite obvious that modalities such as homeopathy, acupuncture, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, Hulda Clark’s “zapper,” the Gerson therapy and Gonzalez protocol for cancer, and reiki (not to mention every other “energy healing” therapy) are the rankest quackery, there are lots of treatments that are harder to classify.

Much of the time, these treatments that seemingly fall into a “gray area” are treatments that have shown promise in animals but have never been tested rigorously in humans or are based on scientific principles that sound reasonable but, again, have never been tested rigorously in humans.

Now, recent mainstream research discoveries have shown that a high fat diet can reverse aggressive cancers. Don’t expect any faction of the cancer industry to disclose this.

They all need to receive funding to research patentable drugs that don’t cure while they keep killing with chemo, radiation, and surgery to enrich Big Pharma.

The high fat ketogenic diet – tried and true

There are several anecdotal cancer reversals with this diet, but the most amazing involves a former world power lifting champion, trainer, and successful business owner Dr. Fred Hatfield. He has the doctor title because he completed graduate studies in kinesiology.

Hatfield was identified with aggressive, metastatic skeletal cancer. 3 medical professionals gave the same diagnosis of 3 months left to live. He frantically looked into and discovered the ketogenic diet as something he should attempt.

University of South Florida metabolic scientist Dr. Dominic D’Agostino had actually found that cancerous mice who were put on high fat non-carbohydrate glucose diets recuperated from cancer better than mice on chemotherapy.

Possibly that’s not stating much, however Fred Hatfield had nothing to lose and put it to the test.

He prevented all carbs and sugars. He consumed a fair amount of great meats and lots of good fats, not cheap trans-fatty acid hydrogenated oils or margarine that are one molecule far from being plastic and can not be metabolized.

Among the good fats are eggs, avocado, cold pushed olive, flax seed, hemp oils, genuine butter, and the when vilified coconut oil. Yes, even the reviled hydrogenated fats. Hatfield’s cancer improved in a couple of, short months and he was still in excellent health a year later.

Scientist Dr. D’Agostino has actually received communication from a dozen others who have actually successfully utilized a ketogenic diet to reverse cancer.

Cancer cells ferment glucose to thrive since they are deprived of oxygen that typical healthy cells utilize for metabolic process. Great, healthy fats deliver fatty acids that are converted to energy bestowing ketones when the body’s cells are deprived of glucose.

That’s how coconut oil has actually reversed Alzheimer’s. The conversion of ketones provides energy to brain cells that aren’t metabolizing oxygen in addition to before.

Regular cells can convert ketones for energy; cancer cells can not. So replacing glucose with ketones starves cancer cells. No side impacts, except for weight loss. Take that traditional fat-free weight loss programs.

CBN health press reporter Lorrie Johnson, who covered the Hatfield story, asserts it’s okay to modify the ketogenic diet plan rather after cancer is reversed. She uses a less stringent ketogenic diet plan after surviving her cancer. Presenting some complicated carbs that aren’t easily converted to glucose seems okay without cancer.

Regardless of the popular fact that cancer cells grow on simple sugars, oncologists never ever warn their patients about this. Rather, they are fed ice cream or pastries frequently while going through IV chemotherapy.

All alternative cancer therapies have a cancer diet foundation that excludes sugar and basic carbs that transform to glucose quickly.


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