How to Cure Cough in 24 Hours Tops

A lingering cough is miserable because its annoying , and is common side effect of colds and flu, but it can also be caused by allergies, asthma, acid reflux, dry air, smoking, and even some medications.

There are some remedies and home tricks that can help you to get rid of the cough but  if you continue to cough for more than a week, you should visit a doctor right away.

Here’s a cough remedy that will make you fell better  within 24 hours.

Ingredients :

-Three liters of water
-One kilo of onions

How to make it:

1. Remove the mustache before preparing the onions and wash them all well.
2. Then cut the onions into quarters.
3. Put the three liters of water in a pot.
4. Then add the onions.
5. Let it boil until half of it evaporates.
6. Let the water cool.
7. And finally, strain the onions.

To improve the taste of this onion tea   add a spoonful of honey and juice from half a lemon.

Drink 250 ml of the tea once to twice a day. The next day, your coughing will either lessen or entirely disappear.

Second  method to make tea for your persistent cough.

1. Remove the onion’s mustache.
2. Cut the onion into four pieces.
3. Wash the apples and cut them into four pieces .
4.Wash and crush the walnuts.
6. In a pot put three liters of water.
7. Add the  ingredients in the water.
8. Let the water boil,  until half of the water disappears.
9. Let it to cool down.
10. Strain to get rid of the other components.

Consume 250 ml of this tea for up to twice a day and make it sweeter and tastier with  lemon and honey.

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How to Cure Cough in 24 Hours Tops


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