Magical Seeds That Prevent Heart Attack, Prevent Aging, Clean The Skin Of Acne And Blackheads, Strengthen Hair …

Everyday usage of these seeds will definitely enhance your life, at least when it comes to health, which is essential.

Watermelon seeds are something that you throw in the bin, not knowing about its medical properties. In them are found various nutrients, micronutrients, vital fats and protein, minerals, vitamins … the list is long.

They contain fiber, essential for the regular functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and antioxidants that enhance flow and improve the health of capillary, assisting with cardiovascular problems, hypertension, and erectile dysfunction.

Watermelon seed tea also helps to remove the sand and little stones from the kidney writes SupertastyRecipies.

Recipe for magical watermelon seed tea:

Grind about 20-30 seeds, pour them in 200 ml boiling water and cook another 15 minutes. This quantity is enough for about 2 days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 3rd-day mandatory pause. The whole treatment lasts 4 weeks, but every 3rd-day pause.

Benefited from the watermelon seeds

1. Protect the heart

Due to the fact that they are jumbled with magnesium, watermelon seeds protect your heart from illness and help to work evenly. In addition, it maintains the level of blood pressure and balances metabolic processes.

2. Prevents Aging

Anti-oxidants that these seeds are abundant, prevent aging. Enhance the skin and restore the shine and flexibility, causing a younger look.

3. Clears the skin of acne and blackheads

Soak a cotton or gauze in oil of watermelon seed (in the video you can see how oil is drawn out from any seeds) and use to the impacted locations of skin with acne. Oil suited for all skin types.

4. Strengthens the hair

Watch the video:


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