This Incredible Fruit Removes Body Odor 2x Times Better Than Toxic Deodorants!

Do you know that sweat can fight and eliminate infections.

Dermcidin(form the sweat) is responsible for killing the harmful bacteria before they get inside your body.

And this process is stopped by antiperspirants,when you use them you  clog your sweat ducts with aluminum and toxins and  the bacteria on your skin will grow, multiply and get into your bloodstream.

Stop using antiperspirants and commercial deodorant ,they contain many toxins and try solving your problem in a natural way.

We are talking about LIME!

It’s completely safe ,has no side effects and has the ability to stop the odor from appearing instead of just masking it like deodorant does.

How to use it

Take a freshly-ripened lime and cut it in half. Take one piece and rub it into your armpits and let them  dry before you put on a shirt .

And you are good for a few hours!

Keep the lime slices in a marked container.

Why it works:

Sweat bad smell is caused by fungi and bacteria not  killed by the dermcidin.

See the video made by  Vegan Tiandra and learn  how to use lime as a deodorant!


Thanks for reading.

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