This fish  is produced in artificial fish farms.
The natural food of algae and lake plants is replaced by GMO soy and corn.

Reasons why this fish isn’t good for your health are:

1. By consuming this fish you increase the inflammations that are going on in the body what  can lead to heart problems, asthma and many other serious diseases. Fish have omega-3 fatty acids that decrease the risks of having a heart attack, but this fish  increases the chances of having a heart attack.

2. By consuming  farmed tilapia you increase the risks of cancer by 10 times because they are the feed with food that contains  chicken ,pig and duck feces .

3. Tilapia also contains high amounts of pesticides and antibiotics.

4. The healthy nutrients are  very low in farm bred fish.

Omega-3 fatty acids in tilapia are much less useful to our body and the amount of protein is lower than in  wild fish .

5. Health problems and especially cancer are caused by  dioxin and it is found in farm fish.