You Will Never Have To Scrub a Toilet AGAIN Just Make Toilet Cleaning Bombs (VIDEO)

Bathroom products are full of harmful chemicals, bleach is hard on growing lungs and harmful for the kids.

Use natural products.

Ingredients :

– ½ cup citric acid
– ½ cup cornstarch
– ½ cup baking soda
– water
– 25 drops essential oils – your choice (but we recommend lemon or orange for its cleaning properties, plus two others for nice-smelling purposes)

Also :

-a spray bottle,
-a gallon size zip-top bag,
-molds or muffin tins, and
-a giant Ziploc baggie.

How to prepare it:

– Put everything in the bag ,shake then open the bag, add about 2-3 spritzes of water from your spray bottle , close the bag and have it knead.

– if your bag gets puffy then repeat step 2 about 5-7 more times to let out the air, this is caused by the mixture of the baking soda and citric acid.

– The mixture in time will feel like pie dough, so pick a handful and squeeze.

– Add the oils in and re-knead the content.

–Pack firmly into your molds very, very firmly and with a second muffin tin press them down.

– After two days, remove them from the molds ,put them to dry on some higher place for a couple more days then take then and place them in a sealed container.

For extra tips watch the video:

How to use:

Just drop one of the ‘bombs’ into your toilet, and watch it fizz.

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