Your Doctor Will Never Tell You This! Here’s What Happens When You Urinate Under The Shower

Closeup of wet legs in the bathroom.
There are  two types of people:
1.those who urinate under the shower
2.those who lie that they don’t.

Here are the beneficial reasons why you  should  urinate under the shower:

1. You are protecting the planet

US Environmental Protection Agency,published a information that  peeing under the shower spares 27% of water flow because you don’t  need to flush after urination.

2. Wound disinfection

It is the best way to disinfect a fresh cut or a wound because it cleanses the wound, relaxes the spot and reduces the pain.

Here we are talking about a small wound .

3. Skin care

Urine can heal eczema and skin rashes. Urea is an ingredient of  many beauty skin products ,it balances the pH levels of the skin .

4. Destroys fungus

Urine solves the annoying fungus on the feet. You can also apply urine on the affected spot.

The incredible results in just several days.

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