10 Signs Cancer May Be Growing In Your Body! – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Cancer can be a devastating disease that comes out of nowhere. Those diagnosed often notice few symptoms, and they feel fine when they’re blindsided with a diagnosis. Signs and symptoms of cancer can be very small and easy to miss. Recognizing these 10 signs that cancer may be growing in your body can be vital to catching it early and saving your life.

These are the early signs of cancer that you must not ignore:

Lump beneath the skin – Lumps in breast tissue are often first discovered by women and men who perform self-exams and feel their breast tissue regularly.

– A good way to distinguish if you have a change in the body is to touch it and get to know its usual feeling. Start doing self-examinations on your armpits, breasts, testicles, abdomen, throat, and skin, to be precise all of the soft tissues, so as to discover changes before they develop into larger tumors. – Changes in the bowel movement – anything that lasts more than two days should be a concern such as a blood in the stool. This could be a sign of colon cancer, so you have to seek medicinal help. Other changes that you have to pay attention to is a pain during elimination, darker color of the stool, the lighter color of the stool, mucus or constipation or diarrhea.

– Loss of appetite or trouble when swallowing – all the things that disrupt our digestive process is of concern because it hurts the ability of the body to get nutrition from the food that you have been consuming.