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100 Times More Effective Than Chemotherapy: A Herb That Kills Cancer

100 Times More Effective Than Chemotherapy: A Herb That Kills Cancer Cells In 48 Hours 

With drinking dandelion tea you will disintegrate cancer cells within 48 hours and will protect healthy cells from cancer.

100-times-more-effective-then-chemotherapy-a-herb-that-kills-cancer-cells-in-48-hours-1-4302576This herb has many medical properties that make her great remedy. It’s also very easy to prepare the tea. Our ancestors have used it for curing many diseases, but today’s most important use of dandelion root is for curing cancer.

Scientists discovered that the root of dandelion works better than chemotherapy.

The study made in The University of Windsor in Canada by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry discovered that dandelion root effectively “kills” cells affected by cancer and it keeps safe the other (healthy)cells in the body.This is great news for people whit cancer.

Dandelion root as concluded destroys cancer cells in just 48 hours while leaving healthy cells untouched.This excellent results, have provided the research team additional support to continue studying this herb.

John DiCarlo, age 72,was a witness of the healing properties of dandelion root,after having cancer treatments for three years he tried the alternative remedy and start drinking dandelion .After four months, he went into complete remission, writes Web tribute.

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