15 Ingredients in McDonald’s Fries Linked to Brain Damage, Autoimmune Disease and CANCER! – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

A number of ingredients were revealed by a recent expose of McDonald’s French fries making process. These harmful ingredients were related to cancer, autoimmune disorders, brain damage and more.

One of the McDonald’s fry factories was visited by Grant Imahara (Mythbusters) to find out what the fries of MacDonald’s are made of. He detected the following ingredients:

– Potatoes – Canola oil – Soybean oil – Hydrogenated soybean oil – Natural beef flavor – Hydrolyzed wheat – Hydrolyzed milk – Citric acid – Dimethylpolysiloxane – Dextrose – Sodium acid pyrophosphate – Salt – Hydrogenated oil

– TBHQ (Tertiary butylhydroquinone)

The three main offenders found in this list of ingredients are dimethylpolysiloxane, TBHQ and hydrogenated soybean oil.

Dimethylpolysiloxane is chemical commonly used in silly putty, hair conditioners and in aquarium tank sealants. In the most cases, this ingredient contains formaldehyde – toxic chemical that has been related to cancer, autoimmune disorders, allergies and brain damage.

TBHQ, or tertiary butylhydroquinone, is a type of phenol that is used to prevent deterioration of food, however, it is often found in substances such as perfume and bio-diesel.

Finally, hydrogenated soybean oil is considered problematic because it leads to negative effects in people who take it on a regular basis. Scientists from the Harvard School of Public health claim that more than 100.000 cardiac-related deaths in the United States annually could have been avoided “in case people used healthy non-hydrogenated oils, both monounsaturated or polyunsaturated instead of trans fat.”

The release of this information for the public is part of what McDonalds calls the “Our Food. Your Questions” campaign, which is an initiative to make nutritional information more available for customers.

“After listening carefully to our customers and identifying some of the challenges we were up against, McDonald’s created a transparent line of communication via the interactive, online Q&A platform,” the company said in a statement to Global News.

Even though McDonald’s move to reveal the ingredients they use in their meals is transparent and wise, the fact is that despite the criticism, they are still not making any changes in the meals they are offering.

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