3 Good Reasons To Go Swimming? Heart Disease, Diabetes & Obesity – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

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For 70%, of us this conversation, usually start with a trip to local YMCA to get swimming lessons. I believe after reading this article and learning about all the health benefits you’ll want to get those lessons too.

Ladies set your protective style that will allow you to dive into the deep end without splitting your loose ends and get ready to get wet.

Brothers, put life jackets and come to learn about this aerobic activity That not only improves cardiovascular health and controls blood sugar but it also helps in weight loss.

American Heart Association,publishes that heart disease is the number one killer of African Americans. Swimming can decrease your chance of having an actual stroke. Strokes occur when cholesterol levels are high but this aerobic activity improves your cardiovascular health and lowers cholesterol levels.

20 to 40 minutes at a brisk pace is recommended,begin slowly, resting between laps.Swimming unlike running and other sports are great because it doesn’t exert your heart too much while doing it and places less of a demand on your heart. Your heart rate in swimming is around 10-20 beats per second.


The loss of our loved ones sent an alarm to our community and cries for intervention for diabetes. In addition to the many diabetes-related complications, diabetics also have a higher risk of heart disease. Swimming helps to burn calories which help in weight loss, important for diabetes prevention and management.

Swimming helps to strengthen all the major muscles in the body and by doing that to lower blood sugar. Because of the nature of diabetes regularly swim to maintain the glucose control levels is required.

Start off by 5-10 minute sessions, and work your way up to 45-60 minute sessions with 10-15 minute rest periods.

Weight Loss & Toning

Start with your regular lap routine then push yourself up so you will maximize your time in the pool by trying out the butterfly stroke, fast crawl, breaststroke, backstroke, and sidestroke .This way you will burn a lot of calories.

By doing this you will lose weight and tone up in places that weren’t imaginable with other aerobic activities.
Ladies look how your waist becomes smaller with this perfect exercise.

Heart disease, diabetes, and obesity are major life-threatening conditions we must think about new and creative ways to fight them effectively. Add swimming to your lifting weights and running and prolong your life.

Via: blackdoctor.org

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