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Summer is coming up, and we are all a little bit under pressure to start losing weight and getting that “sexy bikini body”. From the time when we are teenagers we become our worst judges and critics, obsessing with any body fat we have gained or we think that we have gained. After giving a birth I realized that I need to stop obsessing myself with this and set my priority straight.

Thanks to this fast way of life ,not eating healthy and not working out lots of people are overweight. I also have some friends who are overweight,and it surprised me that they ate healthy food, did workout almost every day and still gaining weight. How ungrateful is that?

So I started doing some research just to please my own curiosity. I have a friend whose thyroid tested are okay, who is running all time,who is FitBit addict , who ear healthy and is still overweight.

So What’s Going On?

I found out that some metabolisms just don’t lose weight.Because of certain genetic factors bodies hold on to the fat deposits that they amass and lead hormones to be way out of whack. There’s been a lot of research and its discovered that causes of hormone disruptions are all over the place:in a food you eat or you ate when you were young; all the toxins in the air and a lot more.

Thyroid and insulin imbalances are one , but for losing weight there are other hormones you need to balance out. And those are:

1.Leptin This is a so-called “I’m full” hormone who is informing your brain that : “that’s enough food!” If you eat and then suddenly feel sick because you overate , maybe high leptin is the reason for it.

Fructose is the sugar who can provoke your leptin levels to go out of balance. Because fructose converted into fat very easily it easily cause leptin to be released and since too much fructose means too much leptin, bring your fructose intake to the minimum.

The stress hormone make you eat when you are under a stress. This is your body’s response to a dangerous situation.

Cortisol is making you store fat for days of starvation. Your body doesn’t make the difference between stress from work and going to starve, so cortisol makes you pack on the fat to burn for energy in what your body perceives as a dire situation.

Here the biggest problem is your caffeine intake. Caffeine increases your heart rate, and by that, it automatically increasing your cortisol levels.


Estrogen is the reason why a woman, is , a woman. When is at normal levels he keeps you slim by boosting the effectiveness of your insulin levels.

But if it’s high then it puts your insulin out of balance. If you are producing too much estrogen, the cells that produce insulin become insulin resistance,and by that we mean less glucose reaches your liver and muscles and instead ends up as fat deposits over your body.

How does estrogen level loose balance? Well,too much meat and not enough fiber are the reason for it .Fiber increases the rate of excreting toxins and chemicals from your body. Today most of the meat is treated with antibiotics and steroids and because of that, it easily creates an imbalance in your body. So REMEMBER: less meat, more veggies.

4.Swamped testosterone

Testosterone is a male chemical ,but women have it too.

The human body is faced with hundreds of chemicals each day: from the air outside, in makeup, in food, in the clothes (made in China)… the list is endless.These toxins are responsible for the increase of estrogen levels – which overwhelms the testosterone levels.

Testosterone is responsible for muscle growth, and by doing that he boost our metabolism. If the body can’t add muscle, metabolism slows plus if estrogen levels are high weight gaining is inevitable.
Having a hard time losing weight,don’t despair ,just remember to keep an eye on what you’re putting into your body and everything will work out.

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