4 Quick Exercises To Get Rid Of Underarm Flab And Back Bulge In 3 Weeks (Video) – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

The underarm fat hangs which are all around your arm and extend till your back, give a real sagging look. Therefore, it’s even impossible to wear a bra or to sit right because it will bother you. Unfortunately, there isn’t any sort of magical remedy to lose underarm fat. You need to try and lose your overall body fat to fully get rid of underarm fat. You can, at least, build your muscles in the area surrounding your underarm so that this fat would not hang loosely but will look tightened. So, you should do some exercises and control your diet to lose fat. There are some exercises that can help you a lot to tone up your underarm muscles.

These activities include:

Elbow kiss

This involves spreading out your arms on both sides at the level of your shoulders, palms facing up. Then fold each arm at the elbow to make a ninety-degree angle upwards. Swing the hands while collapsed to the front so they shut in at the elbow with lower arms touching on the sides. In conclusion, give back the arms to their starting position. Make sure to do sets of three, 10 repetitions.

Push and touch

Involves lifting your stretched arms overhead from the resting position on the sides of your body. If you have hand weights you can use them or just use a band. Standing with your stretched arms on the sides, palms facing forwards, lift them to the shoulder level simultaneously than over your head. In the end, bring the arms back in position. Do 3 sets of about 6 repetitions each.

Crisscross reverse flies

Put your legs apart about the breadth of your shoulders, slight bend at the knees for stability and then flex forward at the waist, no more than 90 degrees, so that your head looks downward. Hold the hand weight or dumbbell in each hand bent at the elbow and while palms face towards each other. Then lift your hands to the level of your shoulders or slightly lower. Perform three sets each 10 times.

Bent-over circular row

With legs separated to the level of your shoulder, curve forward for ninety degrees by using every hand at once and move the dumbbell towards the other hand and take it with it then move it towards the mid-section and the back to the broadened position in a roundabout movement. Do three arrangements of 10 reiterations each.

These exercises are a complete winner against underarm flab and back bulge. Don’t wait and sit there start now and see the results for yourself. It may take some time but it will be worth it. A little bit of discipline and continuity are crucial to achieving such goal. Make a plan and organize your time to complete these exercises.

And finally, trust in these exercises and be persistent for three weeks and get rid of underarm flab and back bulge for sure.