5 Exercises You Can Do Right At Home To Say Goodbye To Flabby Arms – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

It’s time to get your sleeveless shirts out of your closet . If you think that you are not for it,we are here to remind you that you still have time to get those arms in shape. Flabby arms are an area that in time loses elasticity and holds on to weight. It is harder to tone arms,but you mustn’t give up without a fight !
Five simple exercises will make your arms absolutely fabulous for this summer and any summer to come ! Once you start and get into y=the routine you will never stop. Read on to learn how.

1. Arm & Leg Lift Health recommends this exercises for your arms but also your legs and back.

Start on all fours , extend your right arm and left leg simultaneously and try to hold for five seconds .Keep your limbs strong and your back straight. Alternate!

2. Half-Moon Rotation
This exercise is great for shoulders, biceps, and triceps .According to Fitness Magazine, the best way is to stand with your feet slightly apart and your arms extended out. Then rotate your thumbs until they face upward and then again so that they face forward. Do 30 reps with your arms extend.

3. Side plank lifts Health recommends this exercise for your back and shoulders,plus you will get beautifully sculpted arms.

Start with side plank position, legs stacked , knees slightly bent and use your elbow for support . Raise your body off the ground and extend your arm forward.

4. Overhead Tricep Raises
Prevention.recommends to start with standing with spread legs, dumbells in one hand and your other hand holding the base of the opposite arm. Then you need to bend the arm behind your head and then extend upward. Keep your arm steady and the muscles engaged.

5. Ball Push-Ups
Health recommends this exercise for building upper-body strength. Start in the plank position,then place one hand on the ground and one hand on the ball as you lower yourself into an uneven push-up. Alternate ! Use a medicine ball or other sports ball, just make the push-up an uneven balance of muscle to really work those arms.

Via: remedydaily.com

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