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How To Lose Love Handles Fast With Exercise Blast Away The Fat

How To Lose Love Handles Fast In 1 Week With Exercise Blast Away The Fat

Sometimes working out hard and eating right,won’t remove love handles which are no quick fix . It really you need a combination  process that takes time and effort which with right approach will give you the results you are after!

It’s discouraging when you give your blood, sweat, and tears to a workout plan and when you stand in front your mirror and see that your love handles are still there.

Well did you know that the trick is to do targeted workouts–here are a few exercises that are proven to work.

5 Insanely Easy Exercises To Help Blast Away The Fat From Those Love Handles

Russian twists

An article from Health says that this is as great way to spot reduce love handles. Sit with your legs up and your knees bent,then cross your feet for added support and balance and use a dumbbells or medicine ball for added weight as you twist your torso from one side to the other.

Keep your legs off the ground for proper form during this exercise.

Side plank lifts

Health article says   that the proper position for this exercise is on your side with your elbow, hips and leg on the ground and to start with raising your body from the ground with pulling in your core. Then slowly bring your body back down.

Remember to keep your body straight and your abs engaged.for the whole time.

Box jumps

Here we will incorporate cardio into your workout. Men’s Fitness says that you will need a box so you will jump up on the box and hold the squatting position.

Release and step down. Repeat.

Bicycle crunches

Health  published an article in which he indicates that old-fashioned bicycle crunches are an effective weapon in a combat against love handles. Start on your back ,your legs off the ground , knees bent, your right elbow up as you pull your left knee back.

Alternate between each elbow and leg and on that way you will simulate a bicycle movement.

Jumping burpee

Men’s Fitness recommends jumping burpees for burning fat. Start in the standing position,then lower yourself to the ground, then immediately do the plank position and at the end jump up into the air while extending your arms above your head. Repeat each position.

Now say goodbye to your love handles once and for all!