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You may didn’t know the following useful things about the Vaseline and you may be surprised how much can be helpful in everyday needs. He is natural, harmless and very useful product, and many women use Vaseline every day for skin care, nails and hair.

Here are the 50 amazing and helpful uses of Vaseline:

1 It can be used as make up remover. Put Vaseline on sponge and wipe your face with it. 2 If you want to have younger look you can apply Vaseline on chicks. 3 You can use Vaseline as aftershave for retraining your skin. 4 You will get shiny effect if you apply Vaseline on your skin before make up. 5 Put Vaseline before manicures and your nails won’t hurt anymore. They will look great. 6 You won’t have problem with your earrings, if you put Vaseline on your ear shells. 7 If you have any kind of problems with your skin, put Vaseline on it. It will fill the lines with vitamins and it will reduce the symptoms. 8 Put little amount of Vaseline in your nail polish. You will prevent drying of the arc of the cap. 9 Get a new color or stronger eye shadow with mixing Vaseline with eye shadow. 10 You can mix Vaseline with lotion. 11 Put a little amount of Vaseline on the lips and hold them for a few minutes, wash them with toothbrush after with light rubbing and you will get nice look. 12 Take off the artificial lashes using Vaseline and you will not feel any kind of pain. 13 Use Vaseline before applying sunscreen lotion for preventing your unsteady tan of the body. 14 For preventing skin dry you can put Vaseline anywhere on the body before your airplane flight. 15 Your toenails will be glossy and groomed, if you put Vaseline on them. 16 You can use Vaseline for soft and groomed feet. You just need to massage them with Vaseline every night before going to bed. 17 You can rub your eyebrows with Vaseline – so, they will stay soft. 18 For longer and thicker lashes, you should apply Vaseline on them before sleeping. 19 You can use Vaseline when your lips are chapped. 20 Put Vaseline around your nails several times daily and your nails will be groomed. 21 You can have perfect lip gloss with a mixture of Vaseline and lipstick. 22 Replace your lip gloss with Vaseline and your lips will look complete and glossy. 23 Mix Vaseline with melted chocolate and apply it on your lips after it’s cooled.After that, your lips will be softer. 24 Vaseline strengthens the nails. 25 It helps in removing the stuck ring form your finger. 26 Mix Vaseline and lipstick and you will get blush for checks. 27 The Vaseline can get you natural look for your lashes. 28 Vaseline helps with thick eyebrows, brush them with Vaseline and comb them with stick ears. 29 Before washing your hair, put several drops of Vaseline on your scalp and get shiny hair. 30 For woman who have cosmetic surgery it is recommended the use of Vaseline because it helps in the healing process. 31 Vaseline acts against the redness of the skin. Just apply on the sensitive area and the problem will disappear. 32 Apply little Vaseline on the scalp before showering, if you have problem with dandruff. 33 Vaseline has positive effects on dermatitis. 34 Vaseline should be applied on fresh new tattoos. 35 One of the benefits of Vaseline is that it hydrates the skin. 36 Appy Vaseline on your skin, so your perfume will last longer. 37 Before showering use a peeling with sea salt and Vaseline. 38 Put Vaseline on your knees and on that part the skin will be soft and gentle. 39 Vaseline can be used as a moisturizer for acne sufferers. It does not clogs the pores, it gills the gaps. 40 With Vaseline you can massage your shoulders. 41 You can prevent sticking of the lips, if you put little Vaseline on your teeth. 42 You can use Vaseline as night cream. 43 Put Vaseline on your skin and in winter you will protect yourself from the cold. 44 Vaseline is useful for people who suffer from atopic eczema. 45 Put Vaseline around your ears and hair before dyeing your hair. 46 Put little Vaseline on clean cloth and clean your shoes with it, they will start shining like new. 47 You can put little Vaseline on your dry hair ends. 48 If you want your hair to look untidy put a little Vaseline on your toes and go through your hair. 49 Your old nail polish can be refreshed, if you put Vaseline on your nails and polish them after.

50 With Vaseline you can clean the strains from make up on the clothes. You just need to add a little amount of Vaseline on the stain and wash it after. The strain will disappear.

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