7 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Older And Fatter – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

It’s amazing how many years can add or subtract the clothing style details. Improper color and hair length, an uninspired skirt and we find ourselves 10 years and as many pounds in addition. Here are some mistakes because of which we look much older and fatter than we really are.

Too much black

Black is elegant in many occasions, but as we add years on our “life bouquet ” it becomes not very flattering. Our skin tends to become white, and black hair and dark clothes creates too much contrast that draws attention to the defects: wrinkles, dark circles etc. Sweeten the black hair shade in a brown and you’ll get rid of 5 years. And if you’re a little black dress fan, wear a colorful accessory.


You should never try to hide behind oversized clothes it can just make you look bigger. You might think you’re hiding your excess fat but what you’re completely wrong. Buying the right size of clothes should always be the first rule you follow when you go shopping. Just find the style that compliments your figure the best and stick to it.

Wearing too long skirts

Just because you are older, that does not mean that you cannot wear short skirts. However you should be careful of undefined sizes. You should know that skirts up to mid-calf are suitable for 20 year old girls, which is why you should wear a mid-knee skirt rather than a clumsy one.

You’ve chosen the wrong spectacles

You should know that if you need to wear glasses, you need to buy the right pair of frames. You must not buy the first frame that comes in your way. When choosing a frame the most important thing is that you look good in those glasses. In order to pick the right frames for your face, you can look in some fashion magazines and see what glasses fit your physiognomy. Also it is important that you do not avoid bolder frames. You must not hide your eyes!

You go shopping with the wrong person

Perhaps a neon dress looks spectacular on your teenage daughter, but if you dress the same model will not look the same, quite the contrary. You do not want to be like Samantha from Sex and the City, who chose the same outfit as Miley Cyrus. There’s nothing wrong with being trendy, but adapt it to your age. Choose some fashionable accessories among youth and incorporate them into your outfits, do not dress like a concert Selena Gomez, because you’ll look ridiculous.

Watch out for stumpy shoes

Platforms are all the rage lately but just because they’re trendy it doesn’t mean they’ll look good on you. If you’re older and your feet tend to swell often, stumpy shoes can make your feet and legs look even chubbier. Opt for a slim variant of shoes and you’ll see how much better you’ll look.


Maybe you think that you look cool wearing a silk scarf around your neck, but believe us you don’t look cool. In fact you look like a stewardess from the 60s. That is why you should leave this accessory where it belongs, which is in the 60s. Don’t get us wrong. Scarf can be a cool accessory. However instead of wearing it on your neck, you can use it to connect your bag handles (contrasting color) or you can turn it into a silk bracelet. On the other hand, if you are a fan brooches, make sure that you choose some oversized one and use it to complete your jacket or your skirt.

Via: tophealthylife.com