7 Things That Will Happen When You Start Doing Planks Every Day – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Plank is one of the best  exercises because it engages the entire body .

To do it successfully, you need strong core muscles and regular training,

This way you will build your core, and help  your spine.

Here are top 8  benefits of doing planks on a daily basis:

1. You will improve core definition and performance:

Transverse abdominus, rectus abdominus, external oblique muscle, and the glutes, are the mussels  engaged in this  exercise. By strengthening them you will :

Transverse abdominis:

You can now lift heavier weights.

Rectus adbominus:

You will do better jumping and get the six pack abs.

Oblique muscles:

Bigger  capacity for waist-twisting and side-bending.


Strong and shapely booty.

2. Smaller risk of injury in the back and spinal column

If you have back pain it will be reduced,plus your muscles and the entire back supported will strengthen .

3. You will experience an increased boost to your overall metabolism

This way  you will burn moreenergy and improve the work of your metabolism.

4. You will significantly improve your posture

You will have proper posture thanks to this abdomen muscles  which have huge effect on the shoulders, neck, back, and chest.

5. You will improve overall balance

By  doing side planks you improve your balance and  your capacity in doing  workout.

6. You will become more flexible than ever before

You will  improve the hyper-extending of the toes, which is a crucial movement for supporting the body’s weight.

7. You will witness mental benefits

Plank is very effective for our nerves, thus improving our mood. The muscles groups that contribute to tension and stress in the body are stretched out. These exercises can calm our brain, treat symptoms of depression and anxiety, but only if they are done regularly.


Do a simple plank exercise 5-10 minutes every day.

Via: naturalhealthyworld.com

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