7 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again. And Again. And Again. And Again… – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Gardening is so fulfilling, but it usually takes up a lot of your time and needs a lot of effort. But who doesn’t like to grow their own food? That’s why we always like to read about vegetables which can be regrown time and time again, without much effort and time invested.
Some plants are really simple to regrow and you can even turn it into a fun activity with your children. Here are 7 vegetables which can be constantly regrown and even if you’re a beginner you’ll find this process simple and fast.


You can grow basil in glass of water, can you imagine? Just take a few basil clippings with 3 to 4-inch stems and place them in a glass of water. Then, place them near a window, preferably in direct sunlight. Once the roots grow to about 2 inches, you should plant them in other pots. Soon afterwards you’ll have a brand new basil plant.

Bok Choy

Just like basil, you can grow bok choy at home as well. You just need to place its root end in some water and in front of a window, exposed to light. After a week or two, put the plant in a pot with soil and a new head will appear soon.

Romaine Lettuce

Put your romaine lettuce stumps in a pot filled with half an inch of water, and make sure you refill the water to maintain the same level. You’ll notice new leaves and roots in just a few days. Once you see new growth you need to transfer them in a pot with soil.


Garlic is maybe the easiest plant to regrow. You just need to put the garlic sprouts in a glass with water and watch them grow. You can then add them to pasta, salads or other meals, and enjoy your home grown garlic.

Scallions (green onions)

Scallions are also very easy to regrow, just like garlic. You don’t need to transfer them or anything like that. Just take a smaller glass of water, place the roots together with an inch left, and place the glass under direct sunlight.


Celery is a bit trickier, but you’ll get the hang of it once you try it a few times. First, cut off its base and place it in a shallow bowl full of warm water, and keep it in the sun. After a while you’ll notice new leaves appearing in the middle of the base, getting thicker and thicker. It means that it’s time to transfer it to a pot with soil.


Take a few carrots, chop off their tops and place them in a pot with water. Place the pot near a well-lit window and wait for the magic to start. You’ll soon have your very own carrots to season the salad with.