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1.5 million people in, are diagnosed with some form of cancer, and this is one of the reasons we all must be more cautious when it comes to eating carcinogenic foods that can cause the development of cancerous cells in the body.

Stop eating this 8 Foods

Here are top 8 foods you should be careful with:

1. Avoid Farmed Salmon

Over 60% of all salmon in the U.S are farm raised and are fed with feeds contaminated with pesticides, antibiotics, and carcinogenic chemicals. They are fed with these chemicals for getting that so-called “natural” reddish pink color . Also, they can have sea lice,less omega-3 acids and large amounts of mercury, PCB, and cancer-causing dioxins.

When you buy salmon always buy it fresh and don’t forget to check the label to ensure that it is wild sockeye salmon.

2. Stay Clear Of Canned Tomatoes

Did you know that the can of canned food is lined with bisphenol-A or BPA? One research study discovered that the effect of this chemical on your body is like how genes act in the cerebrum of lab rats. When BPA gets into tomatoes it makes them very dangerous and BPA content may not be specified on the label .So avoid canned tomatoes- buy fresh organic tomatoes.

3. Stay Off Soda Pop

Drinking soda every day will increase your chance of having a stroke .If you consume sodas every day you will spike up your glucose levels and also can also develop insulin resistance. They contain artificial colorings which are carcinogenic in nature and also cause gastroesophageal reflux sickness.

4. Stop Eating Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn packs may be linked to a poisonous chemical known as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). This chemical may cause liver, kidney, testicular, bladder and pancreas cancers. Most microwave popcorn uses soybean oil and some other additives such as propyl gallate, which can cause skin rashes and digestive problems.

5. Careful With Those Potato Chips

If you eat potato chips you will gain weight because they are packed with calories and fat. Potato chips can cause hypertension because are loaded with high amounts of sodium( artificial coloring and chemical additives are carcinogenic).

Because chips are fried under very high temperature,it forms a compound called acrylamide which is carcinogenic.

6. Eating Highly Smoked, Pickled Or Salted Food Is Bad For You

Foods with nitrites same as coloring to meat act like preservatives are unhealthy . Once eaten, they change into N-nitroso and it causes cancer. The bacon, salami, and sausages are high in sodium and fat that can lead to colorectal cancer or stomach malignancy.

7. Genetically Modified Food

Genetically modified food are grown with chemicals. In one research, GMO food was given to the lab rats and in 10 days they developed pre-malignant cell developments, damaged immune systems and even smaller brains and livers.

8. Refined Sugar Is Bad For You

Food with refined sugar raises the insulin levels and cancerous cells feed on it to grow in size. Tumors and cancers feed on sugars .Cancer cells feed on fructose-rich sweeteners such(high-fructose corn syrup) .
In this modern time, everyone consumes : pies, cereals, juices and other drinks that contain refines sugar and that’s why tumors and cancer are on an increase.

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