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There are some body areas where unwanted fat loves to settle in .For women, its favorite place is around the stomach area, and the eternal question we all ask daily is : “How do I reduce belly fat?”

Well the honest truth: If you need and want to lose belly fat, you must find a way to burn more calories than you consume and the best way to do it is to combine healthy diet with a core-strengthening exercises and calorie-burning exercises.

The strengthening exercises will build and tone, the calorie-burning exercises will reduce overall fat, including your stomach area. As LiveStrong recommends you must work your whole core to see progress.

Here we have the eight best exercises for creating flat belly of your dreams. By doing this your core muscles will burn and your forehead will sweat and the fa will melt. These exercises are perfect combination of strength-builders and calorie-burners.

1. Crunches

When doing crunches you must keep going until it burns!

Lie on your back and bent your knees at a 45-degree angle. Then place your hands across your chest and crunch upward, lifting only your upper back off the ground and leaving the lower back on the ground. Then come back down,and before your shoulders touch the ground, crunch upward again. Don’t relax your abdominal muscles -keep them consistently tense.

2. Mountain Climbers

The faster you go, the more calories you will burn!

Put your body in high plank position with hands under the shoulders, toes on the ground, bottom down and your body rigid. Then bring one knee in to meet the opposite elbow and then the other knee to meet the other elbow.

3. Oblique Crunches

Lets go and keep going until it burns!

Lie on your side with one leg on top of the other and then bend your legs slightly and prop yourself up on one elbow. Then crunch upward, bring your knee to meet your elbow and keep the tense in your oblique muscle all the time.Then swap sides.

4. Plank Jacks

By keeping your core extra tight while making this exercise, you will target all of the core muscles!

Start in plank position ,put forearms on the ground, your body rigid , your bottom down, your feet together, and then jump outward and back together. Keep your abs tensed all the time.

5. Leg Raises With Hip Lifts

This exercise is for stubborn lower abs!

Lie on your back , legs extended , hands by your side ,then slowly raise your legs up to 90 degrees and continue lifting until your hips are lifted too. With slow movement bring your legs back down, and without tacking the ground, raise them again. Keep your abs tense throughout the whole set.

6. Crossover With Reach

The faster you reach, the more calories you burn!

Start by lying on your back with your legs bent and feet flat on the ground. Then lift your upper back off the ground and curl your torso to the right, extending your arms by reaching across your body to your right foot. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

7. Hip Hike

For better balance, place one foot in front of the other.
Lie on a side, put one foot on top of the other ,place your hand under your shoulder and lift your hip off the ground in a side plank. Start lifting your hips up toward the ceiling as high as possible and then return to the original position.

8. Reverse Crunch

No break between sets. Keep the burn!

Lie on your back , legs bent , feet flat on the ground, hands behind your ears and then slowly move the knees toward your chest while lifting your shoulders and upper back off the ground. Return to your original position.

The Benefits of Core Exercises

Core exercises :

-help build a great-looking midsection -help your overall body -improve balance, -improve posture -reduce pain -no need of any gym memberships or equipment – mone abs

– make you stronger, making it easier to do other physical activity


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