9 Things Every Hardgainer Should Do To Build Muscle – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Hard-gainers need to workout harder and need a lot more  time and effort to gain and maintain muscle mass.There is a  belief that because of the very fast metabolisms their body burns everything they eat, but its not the truth .

The lack of food, over-training or lack of rest can be a reason for not gaining mussels and weight .

Here are  8 things every hard-gainer should implement everyday routine :

1. Make Eating Your New Favorite Hobby

You mustn’t put your  focus and over emphasize what you do in the gym but also pay attention to your  diet because if you want to gain muscle and put on weight eating properly  should be one of your main priorities .

Calories are the fuel and if you have fast metabolism,even if you eat  large amounts of food throughout the day your body may still be burning  those calories like they are nothing.

Try eating 5 to 6 meals per day in an  2 to 3 hours interval to provide your body constant fuel and to keep your fast metabolism at bay at the same time.

2. A Hard-gainer workout should be limited to an Hour Or Less

Limit the length of your workout less then an hour with high level of intensity .

Numerous studies found  that a person’s hormonal state starts to be negatively affected by performing strenuous activity for over an hour.

3. Supplements Are Not Your Savior

Before taking you need to know that a supplement is just a supplement and they add more water weight rather than muscle.

The only supplement if you  don’t eat ten pounds of steak a day is some fish oil to increase the calories from healthy fats and some multivitamin/multi-mineral supplement.

4. You got to eat over-maintenance

Skinny guys are like:

-“oh well I eat so much all the time, and still cannot put on any weight/muscle.”

They don’t know that they must  look out for a proper diet in order to succeed in their   weight lifting regime.

You can also try and switch to foods that are more calorie-dense and combine it with workout to increase in strength, size, or weight.

Also try to finish that 5th or 6th meal of the day .

Remember maintaining muscle mass is not easy,but with hard work and dedication in the gym and out of it you will do it.

5. Progression Should Be a Priority

Workouts should be at under an hour,you need to become stronger to become bigger.

Push yourself in the gym as much as you can do in that less then hour time.

6. Alter Rep Range After 4 to 5 weeks

Alter the rep range of specific exercises every three to four week to avoid the dreaded “plateau” to adapt the newer forms of stress which will help you to build more muscle.

This is much better  than listlessly adding sets upon sets to your particular routine.

7. Learn To Relax

Hard-gainers and guys with less weight than others need to conserve all of the energy .

Fidgeting and moving around a lot actually burns calories and wastes energy. Cardio, must be limited when trying to pack on mass.

Do only low intensity cardio every few days.

8. Eat Hardcore One Day A Week

Try to go to a buffet at least once a week and try doing that right after an intense workout.

In addition to the extra calories, this will train the body to become used to processing more food .You can use this strategy to your advantage.

9. Drink Your Calories

Hard gainers have real issue with eating so you should try drinking the calories. Make your own shakes using protein powder and other ingredients (peanut butter, milk, fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, etc).

Remember  these tips and you will become muscle man in no time.

Via: www.fitnessandpower.com

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