A Big Butt is a Healthy Butt – Scientists Say That Women With Big Butts Are Smarter and Healthier – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

The new discovery of Oxford University scientist is that according to their recent study women with larger behinds are more immune to chronic diseases and are more intelligent than women with average or smaller behinds.What do you say about this, it is very interesting, right?

They say that women with bigger butts have lower cholesterol levels and it is all thanks to their hormones that helps to process sugars faster. Another conclusion was that women with larger buttocks are less likely to develop cardiovascular conditions or diabetes compared to the other group.They are privileged like this because they have a surplus of Omega 3 fatty acids, and as we all know he is responsible for brain function.

Women with more fat on their butts have lower levels of cholesterol and glucose says ABC News reports Professor Konstantinos Manolopoulos’s statement, the leader of the study, “Professor Konstantinos Manolopoulos, who leads the team at the University of Oxford.

These theories are formed after analyzing more than 16.000 women . Big butt also means higher leptin levels in the female body ( the dino pectin hormone responsible for regulating the weighty inspecting (hormone with anti-inflammatory, vascular-protective and anti-diabetic attributes).The adipose tissue of the buttocks traps harmful fatty and on that way, it prevents cardiovascular disease.

Some other similar studies were made by other California and Pittsburgh universities and all of them said the same:
Women with bigger butts, wide hips and smaller waists are more destine to have a longer and healthier life.

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