A Chinese Plant Found That Kills Cancer After 40 Days… – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Scientists discovered that an unfamiliar plant that has the very bizarre name is an amazing cancer killer. The lab tests were made on plant mice with pancreatic cancer and as incredible as it may sound in just 40 days their cancer was gone.

The scientists that made this experiments are truing to find investors in order to be able to conduct their research on people. The plant named “thunder god vine” or lei gong thing, is well known and used in Chinese medicine for treating many diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis.

University of Minnesota’s Masonic Cancer Center made some researches and conclude that by using this plant, after 40 days all signs of cancer are gone and doesn’t reappear after stopping the therapy . Research for this miracle grass is published in the Science Translational Medicine magazine.

Scientists think that “thunder god vine” is very effective because of the large amount of triptolide, which is an ingredient – cancer fighter.

Scientists also say that the cure for cancer is in herbs known for years and like ginger this new revelation is free compared to expensive and dangerous cancer drugs.

This plant is cheap ,scientists involved in the research are trying to make cure drug that will be approved from the FDA, but that way – the drug will be patented and sold for a large amount of money.

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