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Dandelion is known not just for its amazing diuretic properties. It also helps with many aspects of your health. It also stimulates the formation of bile, cleanses the liver, helps with allergies and reduces cholesterol and is recommended as a dietary supplement for pregnant women and women in postmenopausal women.

April and May are the perfect period of the year for picking dandelions. Find a place that is far from the urban areas, pick dandelions and relax in the nature.

It is extremely easy to pick the whole plant. Just tinker the knife under its root and you can remove it wholly from the roots. It is also recommended to get the whole plant because all the parts of this wild plant have amazing healing properties.

You can prepare salad with the dandelion leaves, known as radicchio. You can enjoy it best with potatoes and boiled eggs. It is richer in vitamins compared to even tomatoes and spinach.

As already mentioned, dandelion is known not just for its remarkable diuretic properties. It is also known for its liver cleansing, bile formation, allergy-fighting, and cholesterol-reducing benefits too. It is also highly recommended to be taken as dietary supplement for women who are post-menopausal or are pregnant.

When it comes to carotene, carrots are the first things that come to mind. But dandelions have even more carotene compared to carrots. They are also rich in various minerals and vitamins.

Stems dandelion enhance the dissolution of the gall bladder, regulating metabolism and purify the blood and stomach. Folk medicine recommends them against diabetes and milk from the stems is known for wart removal. Although some believe that the “milk” dandelion toxic, it is not true and the opposite is true. It is very healing.

From the flowers of these plants provided a syrup, which is sometimes called honey. The syrup cleans and strengthens the blood and digestion, and helps with coughing. Now is the time to step into nature and you get the dandelion.


Pick the 400 yellow flowers dandelion. Pour them with 3 liters of cold water and place the slices of 4 lemons and 4 oranges. Leave for 24 hours. Then strain through cheesecloth not stay crumbs and transfer the liquid in the pot. Add 2 pounds of sugar and, stirring frequently, cook for about an hour and a half after the liquid boils. You should get a thick syrup.

Next, lower the heat and put the warm syrup in heated jars that were previously cleaned and sterilized. Seal them well. Since the syrup comes with a very dense texture and consistency, many people call it dandelion honey. This syrup/honey is great for eliminating the symptoms and signs of coughs, colds, fever and bronchitis. Take it with the help of a teaspoon. It is also good to know that this natural syrup is great for the children too.

Dandelion Flowers Tea

You can also prepare some tea. Pick some dandelions and leave them on the air until they get dry. Prepare tea from the dried dandelion flowers and consume it while it is fresh. Feel free to pour some honey because in this way you will boost the medicinal properties of this natural tea. Pour the honey when the tea is not so hot. In addition, use a wooden spoon instead of a plastic or metal spoon.

Dandelion Root Against Different Types of Cancer

The amazing healing benefits of dandelion were discovered more recently. Scientists have also claimed that dandelion root are also capable of curing cancer.

Make sure that you dry the dandelion root before using them. Peel them carefully before drying and then cut them into small but equal sized pieces. The root should then be dried in fresh air.

Spread them on an even surface in a cool and dry place where there is lots of air flow. It can take anything from 3 days to 2 weeks for the roots to dry. Dried roots can be recognized when they turn brittle under your fingers. Once dried, dandelion roots will reserve all the medicinal properties for even 1 year. Make sure that the jar is kept in a dark and dry place.

Dandelion root cleanses the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and lymph and kidneys comes to toxins through urine is sent out from the body.

This root is used to treat many diseases, such as constipation (constipation author’s note), cleans the skin of acne, edema, etc., cures arthritis, rheumatism, hepatitis, gallstones …

The root of the dandelion is extremely good for women’s diseases, especially in the prevention and treatment of various diseases of the breasts, such as cysts, cancer, various tumors and problems with breastfeeding and breast milk.


Take 60 grams of fresh dandelion root and 30 grams of dried dandelion root and mix them well. Sprinkle 2.5 ounces of fresh water over the mixture and add one pinch of salt. Wait until the mixture starts boiling, cover the pot and simmer for about 20 minutes. Once you are finished, strain the mixture and consume three cups of this solution per day.

Dandelion Root Tea

The root of the plant dry, then finely chop and mince. Store powder for future use. On the day drink half a teaspoon with a glass of water.

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