A Man Overcome His Diabetes Without Medicine, Here’ What He Consumed – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

A young man with diabetes and high blood pressure, cured  himself without insulin and pills,consuming only  raw vegetables and fruits.

After receiving the shocking news that  his sugar was 29 and his pancreas had stopped working. Taking insulin regularly and following  doctor recommendation , his condition got worse. The level of triglyceride reached 16, the pressure reached 150/100.

Show “The Edge of Science” on TV, where they interviewed Dr. John Zirdum, who consumed only raw foods for 12 years  inspired him to make a New Year’s resolution to begin juicing and eating raw foods.

In a while , the blood sugar level dropped to 5 so he quit the insulin treatment and go on with the new diet instead.The next step was losing weight so in 25 days, he  lost 11 kg.

In  four months  his  blood pressure reached 120/70, the level of triglycerides 1.4, he continued not taking insulin, and he was 20 more kg lighter and happier than ever.

He himself created his menu of raw foods:


2 bananas 2 apples a handful of kale 5 kiwis

half a liter of water

How to make it:

Put everything together and blend well.

How to use it:

Drink half a liter of the juice in the morning, and the rest during  the day. Eat unlimited amounts of fruits and salads, or tuna, because it contains a great amount of B12, a vitamin extremely good for the body.

Via: mrhealthguide.com