Banana Ginger Smoothie To Help Burn Stomach Fat – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Many people around the world are trying in different ways to lose weight. That’s why so many weight loss supplements are present in the market. But, some of these supplements do not give the effect they are expected to, and may even seriously harm your body.

Naturopathic medicine is focused on finding natural solutions for weight loss which include consumption of herbs, fruits and vegetables.

These health advocates are stating that the body is designed to return to a normal weight, once it has regained its health and balance.

Here we present you a delicious banana-ginger smoothie which can return your normal body weight and will keep your body in balance, according to weight loss experts.

Banana Ginger Smoothie


1 tbsp grated ginger 1 frozen ripe banana 1 cup frozen blueberries 2 tbsps ground flaxseed ½ cup of baby spinach



Mix all the ingredients together and blend them.

This amazing smoothie can replace your breakfast meal.

Nutritional Benefits


Despite the fact that banana is one of the favorite fruit among people, it also contains potassium, fiber, natural sugars and antioxidants that help in nourishing, energizing the body and to balance blood sugar level. It also promotes elimination and good digestion by helping the body absorb the nutrients efficiently.


Ginger helps suppress the appetite and increase the metabolism.

Success Stories

The results for this particular weight loss plan depends on the person who drinks it. But mostly people who drink this banana smoothie lost 2-4 pounds in a few days. It is inconclusive if these pounds were actual fat loss or water weight.


Most of the weight loss experts deny any claims that specific foods or exercises can be used to target fat in particular body parts. But they agree that a body that is properly nourished and exercised is most likely to return to its healthy weight.

You’ll benefit from drinking this delicious smoothie because nutrition present in bananas and the other natural ingredients added in the smoothie for weight loss above, can help maintain good health and long term weight loss benefits for those who consumed it in replacement for processed junk foods.