Burn Fat With Dr. Oz’s Amayzing Weight Loss Drink – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Many people around the world are trying in different ways to lose weight. So, here we present one natural way to lose weight which comes from the famous Dr. Oz, with the main ingredient being the green tea. Dr. Oz has many times emphasized the power of green tea when it comes to cleansing the body of toxins and its vitality.

As we said, he has mentioned many times that only one cup of green tea a day does wonders for the metabolism, regulates blood sugar, reduces the risk of heart attack and various forms of cancer.

Also green tea improves your mood and it raises immunity.

The benefitions for weight loss are most expressed when it is combined with two more ingredients.

For this recipe you need:

1 l water 5 bags of green tea 1 orange

20 fresh mint leaves


First you should boil the green tea and leave the bags soaked for 3-5 minutes.

Then, washed the orange cold water and cut it into slices.

Pour the green tea in a glass jar or anything that has a lid, then add the orange slices and fresh mint leaves.

At the end close the jar and let it stand for at least 12 hours before consumption.

It is recommended by Dr. Oz to drink 1 cup before every meal, in order to get rid of excess weight in a short amount of time.

Via: healthylifetricks.com