The Man Who Shook the World: Cancer Can Be Cured In Less Than 3 Minutes

This interesting theory has actually existed for years by the American author Gregg Braden, well-known for his cancer-treatment theories. Namely, he states that our emotions affect our DNA and that the collective power of thoughts, as suggestion or prayer, can cure us of any kind of physical disease. Cancer Cells Cancer impact visits intent and […]

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Is SuperBrain Yoga a Hoax?

Is SuperBrain Yoga a Hoax? Collective Evolution has discovered that newborn has 100 billion brain cells, but at the fourth week after conception, the embryo produces 500 thousand neurons every minute. Even thought our brains are designed to do wonders, we use only one small part ,and that makes failing to understand how to increase […]

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Djokovic’s Diet: The Best Player In The World Revealed

Djokovic’s diet: The best player in the world revealed what he eats every day and what keeps him in shape It’s no secret that the best player in the world, Novak Djokovic, practiced gluten-free diet, and his daily menu looks like this. Novak Djokovic has a special menu that allows him several hours of exercise […]