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What’s the difference Between Riding and Training?

What’s the difference Between Riding and Training ?

  • Riding Is An End Unto Itself.
  • Training is what happens when you want more from riding.

For example : Ride faster, but to get the most out of your cycling, you need to train.

Here’s some tips to help you to get started, if you love to ride your bicycle. You are easily going to maximize your potential and build your skill level


Advice from Greg Lemond

(America’s three-time Tour de France champion )

Racers should train by time, not by miles, because 20 miles into a headwind is a lot different than 20 miles with a tailwind.

Tips For Cycle Training

Manage Your Training Effort

Don’t hit the gas before your engine is warmed up, it may take about 20 minutes.

Keep going every day

The best way to recover from a hard effort is ride easily the next day rather than take the day off.

Develop Nice Style

To develop a fluid pedalling style, ride a fixed-gear bike as long as you can.

 Raise Your Heart Rate

Don’t let your cardiovascular system get out of shape, make sure indoor/outdoor workouts are intense enough to raise your heart rate to 70 to 80 percent of its maximum for about 30 minutes each session.

How to calculate your heart rate? You can get a rough estimate by subtracting your age from 220.

Use these four levels of exertion

 For example : As someone of 35 years of age, the max heart rate is : 220 – 35 = 185

  • Less than 120 heart rate ( 65% percent of maximum) to promote recovery.
  • About 138 ( 75% ) to build aerobic endurance.
  • About 157 ( 85% ) to approach your lactate threshold, the point at which the greatest aerobic improvement occurs.
  • About 175 ( 95% ) done in short bursts, like sprints, chases or hill jams.

Learn To Love Hills

Have faith that climbs will get easier as they help you develop cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and better technique.

Don’t Bulk Up

Lifting weight is good, but bulking up is not the key to building upper-body muscle strength and endurance for cycling is to perform numerous repetitions with light to moderate weights. This technique produces benefits without adding bulk.

 Maximize Your Oxygen

To improve your maximal oxygen uptake and develop your ability to sustain fast riding. Start warm up about 15 minutes, then accelerate as fast as you can go for 1 to 5 minutes or longer if you can. then ride easily to cool down and try to repeat several times .

Is Swimming a Good Exercise for Weight Loss?

Swimming improves flexibility, upper-body strength, and breath control. Also, you can get cardiovascular benefit

if you swim at a heart rate of at least 65 % of maximum for 20 minutes or longer and lose weight too.

Using Rotation Per Minute: RPM

If you want to increase leg speed and strength, the technique is about 50/60 rpm and moderate while using a high gear. and if you want to burn more fat and increase your heart and breathing rates the technique is ride 75-85 rpm using a low gear

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