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Djokovic’s Diet: The Best Player In The World Revealed

Djokovic’s diet: The best player in the world revealed what he eats every day and what keeps him in shape

It’s no secret that the best player in the world, Novak Djokovic, practiced gluten-free diet, and his daily menu looks like this.

Novak Djokovic has a special menu that allows him several hours of exercise and exhausting matches. Here is everything that is on the menu of the world’s first racket.

His daily diet consists of eggs, vegetables, nuts, fresh meat, fish, poultry meat, certain dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

Grains and starches such as rice, corn, buckwheat and potatoes, are also a part of the diet of Djokovic, but he avoided to use if in them are added additives and preservatives.

“I lost and lose weight, but this diet primarily helped me for my movements to become much faster and more specific and makes me feel really fantastic, ” Djokovic said in an interview with the Italian edition of the magazine GQ.

Breakfast: Tea, Grapefruit, gluten free bagel with cream cheese, eggs prepared in whatever way, bacon.

Lunch: Salad, grilled hamburger, french fries, loaf of bread, but without gluten, mayonnaise, iced tea.

Snack: Thin sliced solid cheese or yellow cheese.

Dinner: Salad, dressing with oil and vinegar, prepared salmon with butter and lemon, brown rice and vegetables. Chocolate cookies without gluten.


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