DOCTORS CONFIRMED: Woman Cures Cancer In 4th Stage! She Ate Only This – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

This lovely girl named Candice-Marie Fox in 2011 was shocked when she visited her doctor.

She was diagnosed stage 3 thyroid cancer at only 28 years.How cruel is this ?

She then had to go through surgery and radiation, but instead of getting better her condition got worse – cancer spread to stage 4.

Then she decided to take the matter in her hands and to make a radical diet change (which contains mostly fruits) and on that way she change her life.

Her diet was simple:

-she  consumed 3 pineapples a day in combination with kiwi, lemon, grapefruit, papaya, and bananas (you can learn all about it from  the videos below ).

Today, Candice is completely healthy and can proudly announce that she won the battle against fourth stage cancer in just 6 months!

Now Candice has  started cooperating with experts who also believed that animal proteins help cancer cells to grow . They think that by  eating  meat, her body would spend all its energy to digest the meat instead to  fight the cancer.

We must also add the fact that she quit smoking , cosmetics and cleaning products.She went to all natural and healthy .

“Stress, chemicals, and animal products feed cancer, so I got rid of them,” Candice said.

After just 6 months, her doctors confirmed that she managed to beat cancer almost completely.


Via: movingtoorganic.com

Clean your home using fruit leftovers: