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This butterfly-shaped gland, located at the base of the neck, plays an important role in a number of metabolic processes in the body. It secretes thyroxine – a hormone involved in regulating metabolism, heart rate and growth and development in children. You can easily locate it between the top of your throat (the Adam`s apple region in men) and the top of your breastbone. In fact, the thyroid is in the small space in between.

Types of Thyroid Disorder


Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the gland produces too much of the thyroid hormone. The symptoms of overactive thyroid gland include:

– Racing thoughts; – Issues with sleeping; – Sweating; – Feeing hot; – Elevated rate and palpitations; – Change in bowel habits; – Forgetfulness; – Difficulty focusing on the task; – Fatigue; – Menstrual issues; – Weight loss;

– Nervousness, irritability, or anxiety.

When the thyroid gland is underactive and does not produce enough hormone to be released through the blood, hypothyroidism appears. The symptoms are:

– Brittle nails; – Dry hair and skin; – Forgetfulness; – Fatigue; – Swelling in the front of the neck; – Decreased menstrual flow; – Depression; – Muscle cramps;

– Weight gain;

To avoid these conditions, you need to keep your thyroid gland healthy. The remedy presented below is keeps your thyroid healthy and it treats any potential issues which may be caused by lack of iodine.



– 1 large jar or a few smaller jars – 40 pieces of walnuts

– 1 kg organic honey


This homemade remedy is very simple and easy to make. You just have to follow the simple instructions. Here’s what you need to do – first, you should clean the walnuts thoroughly then dry and prick them with a needle or sharp knife. After that, you should place the nuts in a jar then cover them with honey. The jar should remain open and exposed to sunlight. After 40 days, strain the liquid and store it in a glass bottle.

How to use it:

It’s very simple – you just have to take 2 tbsp. in the morning and in the evening on a regular basis.

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