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Drink This Beverage Empty Stomach and Say Goodbye to Belly Fat

Drink This Beverage Every Morning on an Empty Stomach and Say Goodbye to Belly Fat

A lot of the world population suffers from obesity and  being overweight doesn’t always mean that the person is unhealthy.

People with normal body weight, can experience metabolic problems with obesity because belly fat is the one that causes problems, and not the fat under the skin.

You can be overweight or with normal weight, but you need to get rid of the belly fat and you can use this amazing remedy. 

Ingredient :

1 kg of lemon

5 laces of parsley

3 liters of water

1 bag of baking soda


Wash the lemons, put them in a bowl with warm water , add the baking soda and let them stay there for an hour.
Then chop the parsley,into tiny pieces and after an hour, chop the lemons together with the rind.

Put everything  in a pot , add the 3 liters of water and cook on low heat for 2 to 3 hours. When done strain the liquid. You will have about 2 weeks supplies .

Drink one full brandy glass every morning on an empty stomach.