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Every person’s body is a temple that needs to be cherished and taking care of. Especialy if you are a woman ,you should take care of your body, especially your breasts, because they are very sensitive.Going on a regular breast examination, or doing it by yourself at home, can help you detect any breast anomalies before it’s to late.

Knowing the cancer symptoms is a way to get an advantage , act fast and have successful treatment. The symptoms are easy to identify you just have to know them:

1.Look beyond the lumps

Check for lumps. If you detect a lump,go to a doctor immediately to do necessary examinations, such as mammogram X-ray. That method is the best in detecting this thing, which can be malignant.

In this method, they use radiation ionization, which can cause cancer. But the results aren’t 100% accurate.
Breast cancer has 2 forms: benign and malign.

Malign is dangerous.Thanks to mammograms you will know which one you have .The diagnostic method isn’t precise in the identification of the type of the cancer, and that can be very dangerous because it can result with inappropriate care and even unnecessary radiation and chemotherapy.

Angiogenesis occurs when the new set of blood vessels starts to form so they will supply blood to newly developing breast tumors.

2.Checking Cell Health & Hormones

Genetics has a major role in cancer development so the majority of health experts thinks.They say that breast cancer risk increases exponentially in daughters to mothers.

Except genetics, other risk factors are:

 Environmental factors  Food

 Lifestyle

Researches have found that hormone imbalance is the second major risk factor for breast cancer. Beside lumps any type of pain in the breast is also an alarm for you to visit a doctor.

Breast cancer sometimes appears in the form of dispersed seed-like tumors that can grow into the tissue as tiny tentacles.

MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, made a research and explained that breast cancer are not always with lumps.

3.The Link Between Back Pain & Breast Cancer

Upper back pain that feels like its coming from deep in the bones is a serious sign and must be discussed with your doctor as soon as possible. Studies have shown that this also can be an early warning sign of breast cancer. Not every back pain is related to breast cancer but no harm in checking.

Chronic back pain that physiotherapy can’t stop can also be an indicator for breast cancer in its early stage.

Other accompanying sign that shouldn’t be passed by is a pain that grows in intensity along with pressure due to tissue growth.

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