Excellent Drink That Melt 10 cm Stomach Fat Waist As If By Magic! – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Incredible drink ,made from simple natural ingredients can do a miracle for your body and make you lose 10 centimeters of fat deposited around your waist in only four days.

All you need are this 4 ingredients :

-fresh ginger -fresh mint leaves -a cucumber medium size -one lemon

and of course, 8,5 glasses of water.

Here is the way of preparation of this magical potion :

Lemon: (without peeling ),cut it in half and remove the seeds. Then cut each half a little bit and put them in the water.

Cucumber : wash, peel, chop into rings and add it to the water.

Ginger :wash , peel ,chop and add in the water .

Add mint lives ,mix everything ,cover and place it in the refrigerator to stay overnight .

You must remember that in this 4 days you have to prepare a fresh drink every day and drink it the whole day .

After 4 days fell free to stand in front your mirror and admire of the results.

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Via: http://healthysolutionsmagazine.com/