For This You Do Not Need Surgery: Get Rid Of Bunions Naturally! – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

If you’re dealing with bunions , first thing you need to do is to get rid of the body’s salt deposits. Here’s an efficient way to do that: Add a tablespoon of minced bay leaves and 300 ml. of water and cook the mixture for 5 minutes.

Then, put it in a thermos and leave it until the next morning. Strain the drink when you wake up and consume it throughout the day. Prepare the remedy overnight and repeat the treatment three days in a row. You can repeat it after a week if you need to.

This drink will help your body dissolve salt, as you will certainly have a frequent need for urination. Check your feet in 10 days and you will easily notice the difference. In order to get rid of bunions forever, continue using the treatment for two months. This treatment also can help you to get rid of the stones and sand!

Two other solution for painful bunions:

Bay leaves: Pour 96% alcohol over five larger bay leaves and leave the solution for a week, then strain it. Soak your feet in warm water first, then dry them and apply some of the mixture on the bunions.

In the end, dry your feet well, put on some cotton socks and go to bed. Iodine and aspirin: Mix 5 ground aspirin pills with 10 ml. of iodine. Then, apply the solution on the painful areas every night before going to bed. Regular soaps can also help you with deformed knuckles. Grate one bar of soap and apply it on the painful area while massaging the spot. Then rinse with water, dry well and apply iodine on the spot.

It’s best to use a cotton swab for this process. Let the iodine dry, then put on your socks and go to bed. For best results, repeat the treatment for a month. You’ll be amazed by the results from these treatments!

Via: healthylifestory.net