Gargle With One Simple Ingredient And See What Happens To Your Teeth – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

Tooth staining is a common cosmetic issue affecting both men and women. It can be the result of some foods and beverages, such as red wine, sweets that contain abundance of artificial dyes; unhealthy habits, such as smoking, or simply genetics. Now, the market offers a plethora of commercial tooth-whitening products. But, these are both expensive and time-consuming, and what’s more, they often fail to provide the desired results.

On the other hand, you have all-natural alternatives, such as the one with apple cider vinegar, which provide amazing tooth-whitening results.

Apple cider vinegar is the byproduct of apple fermentation; it’s loaded with pectins, healthy enzymes and essential minerals. When it comes to oral health, it works on two levels – it eliminates tooth stains, whitens your teeth and destroys all mouth bacteria that cause bad breath.

How is ACV good for teeth whitening?

It acts as a potent cleansing agent with only a mild action, removes stains, kills bacteria in gums and mouth and whitens the teeth.

How to use it?

Dilute apple cider vinegar with water (half teaspoon of apple cider vinegar solution to a cup of water) and swish in the morning. Brush as normal after you wash. Do this consistently to dispose of stains on teeth and brighten them.

Tips to keep in mind

– Continuously shake the bottle before you use it as the crucial ingredients are available at the bottle’s base. – Keep in mind to dilute the apple cider vinegar before you use it as it is acidic in nature and may harm your teeth if used undiluted.

– Do not use it more than once a day as it may debilitate the enamel.

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