Get Rid Of Fungus Naturally With Just Few Drops On Your Nails – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

The fungi appear in women and men .Ugly but treatable .If not treated they can cause major infections and the problem will become more serious. The most common places where they develop are in the nails especially of the feet. They can also appear on the hand nails. In this article, we will present you a remedy which is natural and can eliminate the nail fungus.

It will help the nails look presentable and healthy, strengthen them and eliminate the fungi. For this remedy you will need:


– One tbs. of olive oil;
– 3 drops of oregano oil;


  • Mix both ingredients until blended.
  • Apply generously on the affected nail and let it act for a few minutes.
  • Then clean the area and repeat the procedure the next day.

Use this remedy several times a week, it is best to make it daily if possible, as consistency will make the results visible more quickly.

This treatment has the oregano’s antibacterial properties which can fight all types of infections.