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Very common problem especially almond women is having extra fat stored at underarms and back area . This causes discomfort when wearing a bra,and sometimes losing weight doesn’t solve the problem. This is not a reason for you to quit from trying and simply to accept the fact that you have underarm flab and back bulge. Here we have some exercises that will help you.

Destroy Underarm Flab and Back Fat with this exercises

These exercises are simple so you and you can do them at home, just find some elastic bands, tubes, and hand weights. If you don’t have any of this, then just move your arms and you succeed. By being patient ,not giving up and repeating the exercises every day,you will see better results and lose the exes fat on your underarms in just three weeks.

Follow these exercises:

1.The crisscross reverse fly

Separate your legs as wide as your shoulders are and twist them at knees Then twist at the waist for about 90 degrees towards while putting your face is downwards. Hold the hand weights in both hands bowed at the elbow and make sure that your palms are faced towards one another and then raise your hands to shoulders.Repeat 10 series with 3 repetitions.

2.The Push and touch

Place your feet like in exercise 1 ,then extend your arms next to your body and lift them over your head. Use hand weights or a band. Like this extended arms, lift them at your shoulder lever and over your head after that. Repeat 3 series with 6 repetitions.

3.The Bent-over circular row

Feet as in exercise 1 and 2 , then bend for 90 degrees by using the both hands at the same time and move them with the dumbbells in a circular movement. First the left side, then up and in towards your midsection,then to the right side and then down. Repeat 3 series with 10 repetitions.

4.The Elbow kiss

Extend your arms at shoulder height with palms up. Then bend your elbows to 90 degrees upwards and move your arms to the front until your elbows touch. Return to the first position. Do 10 sets with 3 repetitions.
These exercises will help you to remove your underarm flab and back bulge. Start NOW and you will have an amazing back before this month ends. Just remember that you have to do them every day for 3 weeks and be surprised by its power and the results.

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