He Pours a Full Cup of Salt Down The Drain. The Reason Will Amaze You … – Healthy Food And Sport Tips

We use salt for everything from seasoning our food to keeping our pathways clear of ice in the winter. It is a very diverse compound that is also key to keeping us hydrated and alive!

Yet, you need to know that salt is one of the most useful allies in your home, outside of the kitchen. This common kitchen ingredient can be the perfect solution to a number of household hassles you have to put up with on daily basis.

It is great for cleaning, removing stickiness, cleaning greasy pans and sponges, and even unclogging the bathtub. I cannot wait to give some of these awesome salt hacks a try.

Here are 7 different uses of salt you can do at home and make your life easier.

Check out the video bellow:

Via: runhealthylifestyle.com